Minor League Soccer

The Minor League Soccer (MLS) was created as a result of arduous studies of    a group of volunteers with a passion of soccer. MLS welcomes all colleges and universities the opportunity to collaborate with us by participating in the college soccer tournament that positively impacts the quality of life for the area athlete students'.

The MLS uses the sport of soccer as a vehicle to promote education and healthy development of students. The league is organized to serve the needs of the players, development and their continuous education first and foremost.

The MLS is an organization that exists thanks to the efforts of volunteers who implemented an extraordinary amount of commitment and hard work, ensuring that our league is a positive influence in the lives of our students.

Our mission is to provide an advanced  soccer league that will have a positive impact on the quality of life for participants.  We look forward to working with you to achieve this mission.

The League
Minor League Soccer
4430 Willowbend Bvld.
Houston, Tx 77035
Telephone: (888) 877 7793